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Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

How can I schedule a consultation?
To schedule a consultation you can call us at +40 740 492 998 or on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. During the discussion, we will determine if an in-person appointment is feasible or if an online appointment would be more suitable.
What documents do I need to bring with me to my first consultation?
Depending on your individual circumstances, please bring the necessary documents to the office. If any further documents are required, we will inform you of what these are.
Do you offer online consultations?
Based on an initial assessment of your situation, we can provide you with more specific information in a meeting. If your case is complex, we can then delve further into the details.
Can I be represented if I live abroad?
Yes, in this case, all the necessary paperwork can be completed online, and our team will represent you in any court hearings, dealings with authorities, and other interactions.
In case of an emergency, can I contact you?
In case of an emergency, you can reach us outside of regular office hours at +40 740 492 998 or via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
Is the information they transmit confidential?

All information shared among Blaj Law team members is to be kept strictly confidential.

Is an in-person signature necessary to complete the legal aid agreement?
Yes, you can sign it electronically and send it.
What is the approximate duration of a legal case resolution?
Depending on the specifics and complexity of each situation, we can estimate how long it might take.
Can you expedite the resolution of a case?
If a case is not settled within a reasonable timeframe, we can lodge an appeal to address the delay.
How do you determine the strategy to follow?
We will begin by thoroughly examining the documents provided, then present you with the potential strategy and collaborate to decide on the most beneficial approach.
What are the costs of a trial?
A lawsuit’s primary expenses include court filing and attorney fees. Depending on the specifics of your case, we can provide you with an estimate of any additional costs that may be incurred.
How is stamp duty calculated?
The fee charged by courts for their services varies depending on the nature of the dispute and whether or not it is assessable in terms of monetary value. Exceptions to this may be provided in accordance with the law. We will calculate the stamp duty for you based on the specifics of your dispute.
Can I get legal aid?
Depending on your circumstances and if you fulfill the requirements of OUG 51/2008, you may be eligible for this benefit. We can always tell you if it applies to you.
What is an on-call services contract?
A permanent contract entails providing ongoing legal advice and support from the beginning to the end of your business or project, regardless of the circumstances.
Can I provide a comprehensive overview of my project to receive assistance?
Depending on the direction of your business, requests for consultancy may arise even after the completion of a permanent, one-time service agreement.
Do you provide audit services to companies as well?
We advise on such projects from a legal standpoint, including labor law regulations and GDPR. Through a comprehensive audit, we analyze all rules, contracts, and procedures a company applies to its operations and offer suggestions for optimizing or implementing them.
Do you offer specialized guidance on launching a cryptocurrency venture and going public through an initial public offering?
If you’re keen to invest in emerging technologies, we can provide you with the necessary support and guidance. Get in touch with us if you have any queries.
What advice can you provide to help me pursue a real estate development project?
Real estate legal advice should begin with a comprehensive assessment of the investment opportunity, including an analysis of any pertinent town planning regulations and a financial and fiscal evaluation. Furthermore, it requires drafting and negotiating all contracts for successful project completion.