General legal advice

Our general legal advice involves ongoing support for a company’s activities or assistance with a specific project.

With the Blaj Law Team, you will have the necessary support in your activity, and we will provide you with optimal and individualized advice for the legal problems your business encounters. At the same time, we also offer permanent or punctual legal advice to individuals who need legal support in various situations concerning real estate, tax, or family law issues.

General or ad hoc legal advice can cover different areas in different fields, such as:

Assisting in the negotiation of contracts.

Negotiating the contract is a crucial stage because it is here that the parties can determine the desired effects of the act to be concluded. Also, how negotiations are conducted can be a helpful mechanism for interpreting the contract.

Negotiations can cover both the nature of the agreement, determining which type of legal act best suits the effects you are seeking, and the terms of the contract, resolving issues such as which party bears the contractual risk, how the contract is terminated, or the level of damages in case of a breach.

Assisting with the conclusion of a bank credit agreement.

We provide you with our expertise in concluding a bank credit agreement so that your rights as a consumer are as well protected as possible when dealing with credit institutions.

Whether to meet personal or family consumer needs or to finance a specific project, a credit agreement can be a helpful tool for obtaining money. The credit agreement will set out such aspects as the repayment period, the interest rate on the amount drawn down, and the guarantees offered by the consumer.

In dealing with your bank, it is always best to be cautious to avoid possible future inconveniences. In this respect, our team will assist you in concluding such a contract.

Drafting contracts used in commercial relations.

Conducting a business usually involves the conclusion of legal acts and the carrying out of legal actions and economic transactions. Although, under the new Civil Code, legal actions concluded between traders are governed by the same rules as legal actions concluded between private individuals, there are still differences. Given the specific nature of the commercial activity, there is also a set of derogating rules applicable only to relations between professionals, including determining the contract’s price and the presumption of joint and several liabilities between the debtors of an obligation with this object.

We know that for traders, speed in concluding transactions is a prerequisite for business success, but equally careful drafting of a contract can reduce the risk of future litigation. So whenever you want to terminate a contract as a professional for the production and movement of goods, the execution of works, or the provision of services, our team will ensure that the document is drafted efficiently.

Technical advice in various areas of law, such as tax or employment law.

Certain legal relationships, such as tax or labor law, are unavoidable in a business’s operation and an individual’s day-to-day activities. All tax obligations must be met for companies, taxes, duties, and contributions must be paid on time, and employment, management, and dismissal policies comply with current legislation.

In this respect, our team provides individuals and legal entities with general or ad hoc advice on various aspects of tax processes and employment relationships. From a legal perspective, we offer a comprehensive view of your situation.

As part of the audit procedure, our team verifies all the regulations imposed and the contracts concluded, as well as the practices implemented by a company in its activity from the perspective of the legislation in force.

In the end, the shortcomings reported will be presented, as well as advice on improving or implementing new policies.

Preparation of due diligence reports.

We perform in-depth analysis in the form of due diligence reports whenever a company wants to make an informed investment decision, such as acquiring a company, real estate, or intellectual property.

Most often, due diligence will be required in the case of purchase and sales of companies, as well as in the case of mergers between several companies, to minimize the risks associated with these processes. This due diligence can be carried out in many areas, including legal. In this framework, we will closely examine the object of the acquisition or merger to uncover any hidden problems and risks.

We will check in detail the contractual relationships and legal structures of the company to be acquired or with which the merger will take place, with the results recorded in a due diligence report. This report will be helpful in the decision-making process and can form the basis for drafting the contract and the smooth running of the transaction.

Consultancy in the company’s current activity.

The permanent consultancy provided by our team covers activities such as assisting members or management bodies in general meetings or board meetings, advising the human resources department on labor law and its application in specific situations, studying various documents and contracts concluded by companies, analyzing the risks and legal implications of decisions taken, optimizing processes from a legal point of view, and providing legal advice to prevent disputes of any kind.

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