Immigration law in Romania

We provide advice and representation in all matters relating to the legal entry and stay of foreign nationals in Romania. In any case, to be legal, a foreign citizen must go through several time-consuming steps. Being fully informed about the legislation, obtaining the necessary documents, and dealing with the competent authorities can become real challenges for foreign nationals and companies wishing to bring foreign labor into Romania.

Our team’s services are:

Preparing and submitting files to the General/County Inspectorate for Immigration for obtaining work permits or residence permits.

We obtain and submit the necessary documents for the acquisition of the right of residence and work permit on the Romanian territory for foreign citizens.

Getting a work permit is a prerequisite for foreign citizens who want to work in Romania. It is granted by the Romanian immigration authorities at the employer’s request. On the basis of the work permit, a residence permit will then be obtained, which will ensure the legality of the foreign citizen’s stay on Romanian territory.

There are several types of work permits depending on the type of activity carried out – a work permit for a permanent worker, highly qualified/specialist worker, seasonal, posted, ICT worker, au-pair, trainee, or cross-border worker. Either of these guarantees the right of the foreign national to work for the company that obtains the permit in the specified position corresponding to a COR code.

In order to obtain one of these permits, you will need to fulfill certain conditions and submit a series of documents. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers will simplify the procedures for employers wishing to bring a foreign workforce to Romania by completing all the necessary formalities.

We provide the legal assistance and representation you need before the competent immigration authorities.

Situations in which citizens of other countries choose to move to Romania for a longer or shorter period or are forced by unfavorable circumstances to leave their own country and seek asylum in Romania are increasingly common.

If you need to be offered certain protection by the Romanian State to formulate an asylum application, or you just want to issue a study or work visa, our team is ready to assist you in every step.

Support in the procedures for renewal and extension of the right of residence.

Foreigners who have entered Romania on the basis of a long-stay visa can have their temporary residence right extended if they want to spend more time in our country.

Foreigners who entered Romania on the basis of a long-stay visa and those exempted from the requirement to obtain a long-stay permit may have their temporary residence right extended by the Romanian Immigration Office or its territorial units.

Applications for extension of the right of the temporary home shall be submitted in person by the applicants, at least 30 days before the expiry of the period for which their stay has been approved, to the territorial units of the Romanian Immigration Office of the place of residence.

All these procedures are less accessible, especially for a foreigner, which is why we will provide support for all the necessary steps to renew the right of residence in Romania.

Appealing in court against decisions and measures ordered by the authorities.

Suppose you encounter refusals from the competent immigration authorities, such as refusals to grant a visa or to extend your right of residence. In that case, our team will assist you in challenging them. The appeal procedure will take place before the court in accordance with national law.

We will assess your situation, draw up a strategy, and represent you in court.

Immigration law is a broad area that can cover a wide range of legal issues and legal situations. In this context, we offer legal advice on obtaining Romanian citizenship, family reunification, deportation issues and bans, political asylum, and human rights applications or cross-border affairs.

We will assess your concrete situation and then provide you with our legal opinion from the perspective of the rules and regulations incident to the field of immigration and business immigration.

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