Regardless of the nature of the insurance, whether compulsory or optional, whether it concerns vehicle, home, health, or life insurance, the policyholder must be protected against possible abusive actions by the insurance company.

Among the services our Romanian law firm offers in terms of insurance are:

Advice on the preparation of the damaged file.

To open a claim file, you need to apply to the insurance company and submit the necessary documents within a short time. If you want to make sure that you have done your paperwork correctly, you can contact our team for advice.

Regardless of the nature of the insurance, the preparation and drawing up of documents is a step that cannot be neglected, as they differ from case to case.

The challenge to the insurer’s assessment of the loss due.

Often the valuations made by the insurer are much lower than the value of the damage caused or do not correspond to the adverse moral effects caused.

Unforeseen events that cause harm are undesirable situations, so covering the damage caused is the determining goal for those who choose to take out an insurance contract. We help you to count assessments that are only intended to exempt the insurer from payment by detailing their extent.

Recovery of damages arising from the insurer’s failure to comply with its obligations.

The obligations undertaken by the insurer must be strictly observed by the insurer. Otherwise, policyholders may be deprived of the compensation to which they are entitled. Regardless of any inconvenience in your dealings with the insurer, you should not give up pursuing your claims.

Most insurance companies’ obligations arise after the insured event. They are regulated by law or based on the contract concluded by the parties, and failure to comply with them can lead to contractual liability.

Representation before the court in disputes concerning damages owed by the insurer.

Our team helps you to follow all the necessary steps to go to court in case an agreement cannot be reached with the insurance company or to resolve the disagreement amicably.

Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for insurance companies to wrongfully refuse to pay compensation. This often leads to the need to take legal action. Our team will help you to follow all the necessary steps for such a procedure.

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