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Continuous digitization is driving the use of technology products in people’s work and personal lives. The need for complex legal services is becoming increasingly present in almost every field, especially in the vast online world.

We are ready to advise you in the following areas as well:

Online business development.

The online environment creates a vast potential for development in all areas of social life. In order to develop a successful business in the online environment, regardless of the business activity, economic activity cannot take place without compliance with the relevant legal provisions. We can advise you on all aspects of your online business.

The dynamics of the market are leading most traders to expand their business by creating online shops because of the advantages they offer. E-commerce imposes a number of obligations on traders, particularly informing consumers of the essential characteristics of the products sold by professionals and providing information on payment, delivery, and returns. With us, you will have the support you need to set up a business in the online world.

We advise people who intend to develop a software program to be informed about the rights they have as authors. That’s why we provide you with specialized advice in this field. Copyright in software programs is recognized by law from the moment the program is created.

The protection of computer programs includes any expression of a program, application programs, and operating systems regardless of the way they are expressed: source code or object code, but the ideas, processes, methods of operation, and principles underlying any element of a program are not protected by law.

The rightsholder has the possibility to authorize the reproduction of programs and transformation of the program, such as translation, adaptation, and arrangement, as well as distribution and rental of the original or copies.

Suppose you create a software program for a beneficiary on the basis of an employment contract. In that case, you must bear in mind that the copyright in the computer program created in the performance of your duties or on your employer’s instructions will belong to him.

Limits to freedom of expression online.

Easy access to online platforms and the high volume of users can lead to abuse of the right to free expression. Whether you choose to express your ideas online or you have been inconvenienced by others, we can help you with appropriate guidance so that you can enjoy all the benefits online has to offer or protect yourself against possible abuse of the right.

Freedom of expression is a constitutional right that gives everyone the opportunity to express their thoughts, opinions, or beliefs of any kind, whether by speech, writing, images, sounds, or other means of communication in public. Like any right recognized by law, it must be exercised in good faith and with respect for morality.

This right also has certain limitations since freedom of expression may not be prejudicial to a person’s dignity, honor, private life, or right to one’s own image. The law also prohibits defamation of the country and the nation, incitement to the war of aggression, national, racial, class, or religious hatred, discrimination, discrimination, territorial separatism or public violence, and obscene and immoral expressions.

Violation of privacy in online environments.

Everyone has the right to privacy. This right can be infringed by various forms of conduct, each of which has specific implications. We help you build up a picture of your options if your right to privacy has been violated.

One of the ways in which your right to privacy is infringed is through articles posted in the press. Although the law recognizes freedom of the media, when it is abused, the damage created by publications must be remedied.

Depending on the seriousness of the act and the way in which it was committed, it may constitute a criminal offense, and the right to privacy is also protected by criminal law, as in Article 226(2) of the EC Treaty. (1) of the Criminal Code provides that the unlawful invasion of privacy by photographing, capturing, or recording images, listening with technical means, or audio recording of a person in a dwelling or room or premises belonging to it or of a private conversation is punishable by imprisonment from one month to six months or a fine, and the following paragraph of the same article provides that the unlawful disclosure, dissemination, presentation or transmission of the sounds, conversations or images referred to in para. (1) to a person or the public shall be punishable by imprisonment for three months to two years or a fine.

Securing online payment methods.

Payments are a large part of the online sales process. They can be made via credit or debit cards, bank transfers, and prepaid cards.

Any successful business will offer a variety of payment methods and allow customers to make secure online transactions and transactions, and we’re here to help you choose the best provider.


The security and integrity of the IT environment are protected by rules set out in the Criminal Code. Technological advances also lead to the development of the criminal phenomenon; as such, the Blaj Law team is constantly researching in order to deal professionally with any problem of our clients that may arise in the virtual environment, which may be subject to a computer crime.

At present, this field includes offenses such as computer forgery (Article 325 of the Criminal Code), computer fraud (Article 249 of the Criminal Code), illegal access to a computer system (Article 360 of the Criminal Code), illegal interception of a computer data transmission (Article 361 of the Criminal Code), altering the integrity of computer data (Article 362 of the Criminal Code), disrupting the functioning of computer systems (Article 363 of the Criminal Code), unauthorized transfer of computer data (Article 364 of the Criminal Code) or carrying out illegal operations with computer devices or software (Article 365 of the Criminal Code).

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