Real estate law

If you are looking to buy, sell, build, or rent a property in Romania, our team is ready to assist you at every stage, starting with the legal analysis of a plot of land to be built on or property to be bought or rented, the study of the investment opportunity in the area, and the drafting of the necessary contracts.

We consult and represent you in matters such as

Analysis of the property’s legal situation and drafting due diligence reports.

We perform in-depth analyses in the form of due diligence reports whenever you want to make an informed decision on real estate projects, regardless of size.

More often than not, the decision to buy a property also involves many questions about its legal status. A proper check before making the purchase involves, broadly speaking, researching the real estate registers to make sure that the property is registered. There are no other rights or disputes concerning it, checking the administrative procedures initiated at the town hall to make sure that no other applications for retrocession have been made for the same property, and obtaining the tax roll and the history of the property from the Tax Department of the town hall to certify that the tax is paid and there are no debts.

Once these aspects relating to the safety of the investment have been clarified, it is also helpful to analyze the appropriateness of making the real estate investment concerning criteria such as the area in which it is located, urban planning regulations in the area, or other fiscal aspects.

We will check in detail all the legal characteristics of the property to be purchased, with the results recorded in a due diligence report. This report will be helpful in the decision-making process and the implementation of the project or investment.

Assistance in negotiations with contractual partners.

Negotiating the contract is an extremely important stage, as it allows the parties to determine the desired effects of the act to be concluded. Also, how negotiations are conducted can be a helpful mechanism for interpreting the contract.

Negotiations can cover both the nature of the contract, determining which type of legal act best suits the effects you are seeking, and the terms of the agreement, resolving issues such as which party bears the contractual risk, how the agreement is terminated, or the level of damages in case of a breach.

We will accompany you and advise you during negotiating real estate contracts so that your interests are best represented by establishing balanced clauses.

Drafting of contracts of sale, lease, or works contracts.

We help you develop your real estate project by drafting all the necessary legal documents.

The legal instruments most often used by investors in real estate law legal relationships are the preliminary agreements and contracts of sale, lease, or works contracts.

Given the high costs usually involved in any real estate project, contracts concluded during the project must be carefully designed so that the clauses provided can anticipate and regulate potentially conflicting situations and respond to various issues.

Attendance before the notary public when concluding a real estate transaction.

They are appearing before a notary is a prerequisite for completing a real estate transaction. Our team can assist you with this procedure.

For the conclusion of a real estate transaction, national law requires the authentic form as a condition of validity. Therefore, a public notary must conclude such a legal transaction; otherwise, it is void.

As part of this procedure, the seller and the buyer will have to present themselves at the notary’s office with their identity papers, documents relating to the property, and certain additional documents in the case of legal entities. A property can be sold at any notary public in Romania, regardless of the property’s location or the parties’ residence.

Assistance in concluding financing contracts with banks.

Our team helps and supports the development of real estate projects by assisting you in finalizing a financing contract with a bank.

Very often, real estate projects involve huge budgets, which is why concluding a financing contract with a bank can prove to be a practical tool for investors. Through such a contract, the investor can obtain from the bank the sums needed to purchase a building or to modernize, consolidate or construct a building through the purchase of services, on the condition that they are guaranteed and repaid on time.

According to the relevant legal provisions, the bank must provide the consumer with the necessary information to enable him to compare several offers to make an informed decision on the conclusion of the contract.

Assistance and representation in disputes involving real estate transactions or the legal or technical regime of real estate.

Developing and defending a strategy in court to protect your rights is a key issue when disputes arise over property transactions and legal or technical arrangements for property.

Real estate law is characterized by diversity, covering a wide range of legal transactions and legal issues. When issues take on a contentious dimension, our team is ready to assist by developing a strategy to protect rights concerning real estate and representation in court.

Contact our team if you want to get in touch with a Romanian lawyer for real estate matters!

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