Appealing the retirement decision

In Romania, the pension decision is issued following an application submitted by a person who fulfills the retirement conditions laid down in Law No 263/2010 on the unified public pension system. The application shall be submitted to the territorial pension office competent in the area where the person concerned resides.

Most of the time, the amount determined after the pension conditions are met is the amount set by the territorial pension office. Still, there are situations where this amount is not calculated according to actual data, such as years of work, pay group, or working conditions.

Decisions issued by the territorial pension offices may be appealed to the competent court within 45 days of notification. Suppose the decision is not contested within the time limit set by law. In that case, it will become final if you find differences between the amounts set out in the retirement decision and the amounts you would be entitled to according to your years of service. In that case, you are entitled to challenge the retirement decision, and one of our lawyers can help you.

Don’t settle for an unfair retirement decision—talk to our team of Romanian lawyers today to initiate your appeal.

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