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We provide our clients with a full range of legal services for both individuals and businesses. Explore our list of services below.
General legal advice

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Corporate and commercial law

Advice on setting up a company and assisting in preparing the necessary documents for setting up a company.

With assistance from our lawyers you can set up a company in just a few days from the moment you send us the necessary paperwork.

Assisting the governing bodies at general meetings of members or the board of directors at board meetings.

Oftentimes, managing a general meeting of shareholders or a board of directors can be a difficult situation that can cause issues or even dissatisfaction among shareholders.

Advice on changes in the corporate structure.

Change is a certainty in business, the only uncertainty is the time at which it occurs.

Representation in general meetings or boards of directors.

The Shareholders’ General Meeting is the deliberating and decision-making body of the company and is made up of all the associates of the company.

Recovery of claims under the ordinary procedure, the order for payment procedure, or the small claims procedure.

If a consensual agreement cannot be reached with the debtor on debt recovery, there is the possibility of solving the situation in court.

Representation before the courts in disputes between partners or disputes with contractual partners.

In the process of doing business, misunderstandings may arise between partners. In case they persist and a resolution method has not been found, legal action can be brought before the courts to resolve the dispute.

Competition advice.

Competition law advice is aimed both towards the creation of effective compliance and implementation programs and the resolution of disputes between professionals before the Competition Council.

Obtaining the authorizations, attestations, or certifications required to run the business.

In order to operate legally, a company must be constantly vigilant in order to keep up to date with changes in legislation which often make it necessary to obtain authorizations, attestations or certificates in order to operate.

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Criminal law

Service offenses and corruption.

Our team provides representation and defense against charges of committing service offenses and corruption.

Economic crime.

Blaj Law team can represent and assist you during any phase of the criminal process regarding any economic crime.

Offenses of trafficking and consumption of risk or high-risk drugs.

Our team of lawyers includes criminal law specialists who can represent and assist you during any phase of the criminal process.

Offenses against property.

Our specialist lawyers provide you with representation throughout all phases of the criminal process.

Offenses of driving without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Blaj Law team represents you in criminal cases related to matters of road traffic.

Offenses of forgery of private documents, forgery of official documents, or intellectual forgery.

The Blaj Law team can represent and assist you if you are a suspect, defendant, injured party, civil party, civilly liable party or witness.


Blaj Law’s specialist lawyers provide representation in the area of cybercrime.

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Labor Law

Recovery of salary rights.

Most conflicts between employees, on the one hand, and employers, on the other, can arise from late or non-payment of monthly wages.

Obtaining compensation for damage resulting from accidents at work.

Our team can help you in obtaining compensation and identifying the situations in which it can be obtained.

Legal assistance in case of unfair dismissal, i.e., challenging the dismissal decision.

The dismissal decision involves the employer going through a procedure whereby it establishes the factual and legal reasons for dismissing you as an employee.

Assistance in drawing up, amending, and terminating employment contracts.

Our team of lawyers can assist you with the negotiation and drafting of your employment contract, as well as with its amendment and dissolution.

Assistance in drafting internal regulations, collective labor agreements, and internal labor procedures.

Blaj Law provides advice, assistance and legal representation in the field of labor law, on any issue, with expertise in drafting and implementing all documents and procedures required by law at the level of employers.

Assistance in disciplinary investigations.

The disciplinary investigation is aimed at sanctioning the employee if he commits a disciplinary offence. The Blaj Law team specialises in consulting employers during the disciplinary investigation so that it is carried out under the conditions provided for by the law and can also assist employees under disciplinary investigation, in order to make them aware of the rights they can exercise during the investigation, depending on the specific case.

Appealing the retirement decision.

One of our specialist employment lawyers can assist and represent you in challenging your pension decision if there are differences between the amounts agreed and your entitlement or other uncertainties about them.

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Tax Law

Tax advice.

Advising in various tax situations on identifying opportunities and risks arising from numerous legislative changes.

Assistance during a tax audit.

The tax inspection activity is carried out for any type of individuals or legal entities, regardless of their form of organisation, and it is an activity regulated in the Tax Procedure Code.

Appeals against tax assessment decisions or other tax administrative acts.

The individuals who are confronted with an act issued by the tax authorities can lodge an appeal against the debt certificate as well as against other tax administrative acts.

Assistance with excise duties and tax warehouses.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to pay excise duty or if you want advice on a tax warehouse tax regime, our team can advise you on creating a strategy that will work for your company.

Assistance and representation in tax law disputes.

We provide assistance and advice on tax litigation, by formulating tax appeals and assisting and representing you in front of the competent courts.

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Family law


The marriage can be dissolved by divorce through administrative proceedings before the civil registrar, before the notary public, and through judicial proceedings before the court.

Establishment of maintenance.

The child support obligation or, in common terms, alimony, is the maintenance owed by the parent who does not live with the minor child after the divorce, i.e. the obligation of the non-custodial parent to contribute to the child’s upbringing, education, teaching and vocational training.

Custody of the child and establishment of the access schedule.

Following the divorce, the parents will continue to exercise joint parental authority over the children.


Partition is the way in which spouses can divide both their assets and their debts acquired during the marriage, either amicably or voluntarily, or through the courts.

Preparation of the will.

A will is a solemn act and must therefore comply with the legal requirements. Blaj Law team can provide you with an explanation of all the legal aspects applicable to inheritance, so that your will complies with the legal provisions.


Inheritance (succession) ensures that the property of a deceased person is passed on to one or more living persons.

Administrative change of name.

The name change can occur following marriage, when either spouse can take the surname of the other or both spouses can reunite their names, or following divorce, when the spouse in question can return to the surname they had before the marriage. Another way provided for by law to change a person’s name is to change it through administrative channels.

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Real estate law

Analysis of the property’s legal situation and drafting due diligence reports.

We carry out thorough analyses, in the form of due diligence reports, whenever you want to make an informed decision on real estate projects of any size.

Assistance in negotiations with contractual partners.

We will accompany and advise you during the negotiation of real estate contracts so that your interests are best represented by establishing balanced clauses.

Drafting of contracts of sale, lease, or works contracts.

We help you in the development of your real estate project by drafting all the necessary legal documents.

Attendance before the notary public when concluding a real estate transaction.

Attending a notary is a prerequisite for concluding a real estate transaction. Our team can assist you in this procedure.

Assistance in concluding financing contracts with banks.

Our team helps and supports the development of real estate projects by assisting in the conclusion of a financing contract with the bank.

Assistance and representation in disputes involving real estate transactions or the legal or technical regime of real estate.

Developing and advocating a strategy in court to defend your rights is a key point when disputes arise over property transactions, legal or technical arrangements for property.

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Advice on the interpretation and application of specific provisions and regulations.

As the pharmaceutical sector is subject to an increasingly complex regulatory framework, we offer expert advice on the interpretation and the application of legal texts.

Assisting in control procedures carried out by the National Health Insurance House.

Our team of lawyers specialised in pharmaceutical law provides support in your relationship with the National and Territorial Health Insurance Companies.

Assisting in the drafting of proposals for legislative changes in the pharmaceutical field.

We transpose the wishes of pharmaceutical specialists into proposals for amendments to the legal texts to improve the legal framework.

Obtaining authorization to sell pharmaceutical products.

We make it easy for you to ensure the legality of the sale of pharmaceutical products by obtaining the necessary authorizations.

Assisting in negotiations for the conclusion of contracts for the intermediation and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

We assist you in negotiating contracts for the intermediation and distribution of pharmaceutical products, so that your interests as a professional are best represented in the relationship with contractual partners.

Drafting specific agreements for the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Any activity relating to the distribution of medicines which is delegated to another person or entity must be carried out in accordance with the terms of a contract.

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Immigration law

Preparing and submitting files to the General/County Inspectorate for Immigration for obtaining work permits or residence permits.

We obtain and submit the necessary documents for acquiring the right of residence and work permit on the territory of Romania for foreign citizens.

Legal assistance and representation before the General or County Inspectorate for Immigration or before Romanian consulates or embassies.

We provide the legal assistance and representation you need with immigration authorities.

Support in the procedures for renewal and extension of the right of residence.

Foreigners who have entered Romania on the basis of a long-stay visa may have their temporary right of residence extended if they wish to spend more time in Romania.

Appealing in court against decisions and measures ordered by the authorities.

We represent you before national courts to challenge decisions and detrimental measures ordered by the authorities.

General legal assistance on immigration law.

Our team of lawyers specialising in immigration law provides you with advice and general assistance in immigration law matters.

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Negotiation of contracts between parties.

We will accompany and advise you during the negotiation stage of any type of contract, so that your interests are best represented by establishing fair terms that accurately reflect your wishes.

Analyzing contracts and unfair or unreasonable terms.

We evaluate contracts carefully to ensure that the legal relationships you enter into are beneficial.

Drafting and reviewing civil and commercial contracts.

We focus on translating your legal wishes into clear and concise clauses.

Assistance before the notary public in concluding original contracts.

Attendance before a notary is a mandatory condition for concluding a number of contracts provided for by law. Our team will assist you in this procedure.

Representation in litigation for contractual liability in case of non-performance and recovery of damages caused.

Our team will develop your defence strategy and represent you in disputes arising from non-performance of contractual obligations.

Representation before the courts in litigation on this subject.

Developing and advocating a strategy in court to defend your rights is a key point when disputes arise over the validity, enforcement, or termination of a contract.

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Consultancy and case evaluation.

Our work focuses on providing legal advice and assistance to professional standards in various fields.

Negotiating a transaction.

Some litigation could be avoided if the parties attempted pre-negotiation to reach a settlement, which is why our team can help you avoid a costly lawsuit by negotiating with the other party and drafting the settlement agreement.

Drafting and filing the claim or drafting the defendant’s defense in the form of a statement of defense.

A lawsuit starts when the claim is registered with the court, after which the defendant is given the opportunity to defend by way of defence. Whether you want to sue a person or you have been sued and are a defendant, we are here to help you with everything from drafting these specific documents.

Representation before the courts.

Blaj Law team can represent and assist you during any phase of the process, with specialized lawyers ranging from criminal law to labor law or real estate law.

Exercising remedies.

Appeals are the procedural means by which interested parties can seek and obtain the setting aside of unlawful or unreasonable judgments.

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Analyzing and consulting on how to implement the GDPR concerning the company’s activity.

In the transition to the digital age, personal data protection is a serious topic on every company’s agenda.

GDPR policy drafting.

The processing of personal data is an operation carried out by most companies that collect, store, use or disclose personal data belonging to individuals in their daily business.

Challenging sanction decisions for GDPR violations.

A complaint is a way for a person to assert their rights and avail themselves of the protection offered by the legal framework and, in the alternative, to prove their innocence of a violation.

Assistance and representation in disputes related to the protection of personal data.

Even if, according to the specific legislation, the persons involved in data processing are obliged to adopt and respect a series of measures to ensure respect for the privacy of the natural person, conflict situations frequently arise between them and the companies processing personal data, which can give rise to disputes.

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Road accidents

Advice on the concrete situation and identification of a strategy.

Misuse of traffic rules puts road users at risk and often leads to road accidents. Regardless of the severity of the accident, our team will thoroughly examine the road event and advise you on the steps to take depending on the specific situation.

Representation and assistance in the relationship with the insurance company.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to wrongfully refuse to pay compensation by refusing claims. We help you communicate effectively with the insurance company so that you can reach a consensus.

Taking steps to obtain material and moral damages.

In order to open a claim file, you must contact the insurance company of the person at fault for the accident or, if applicable, your own insurance company, and submit the necessary documents within a short period of time. If you want to make sure that you have followed this step according to the conditions imposed by the insurance company, contact our team.

Representation before the courts in disputes concerning compensation for damage caused by accident.

Damages can also be settled out of court, but in most cases, the amount of damages offered by the insurer is much lower than what can be obtained through a court case.

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Initiation of enforcement.

Blaj Law team helps you to start the enforcement procedures.

Assistance and representation throughout the enforcement process.

Our lawyers provide you with representation throughout the foreclosure process, whether you are a creditor or a debtor.

Formulation of challenges to enforcement.

We offer you the necessary assistance in drafting your appeal against execution and representing your interests in court.

Obtaining a stay of enforcement.

Our team can help you obtain a suspension of enforcement.

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Intellectual property

Drafting and negotiating contracts for the assignment of copyrights and collaboration on inventions, trademarks, software products, or other creations.

The author of an original creation is the only one who can decide whether and how his work will be used or exploited, including by third parties. It is essential that any contracts relating to an original creation are drawn up by a specialist, so that your work benefits from the full protection of the law.

Drafting and drafting copyright notices, agreements, and opinions.

Intellectual property is an area that requires close attention to existing regulations. We provide expert advice on your rights as the owner of an original work, from the moment your creation is born. Our expert advice will help you to prevent a possible dispute in court.

Assistance and representation before public control authorities.

Trademarks are protected by registration, which gives the owner exclusive rights to use them. National or even international trade mark registration can be a decisive factor in your professional activity by providing increased protection for an important asset of your business.

Assistance and representation before the courts.

Do you consider that your intellectual property rights have been infringed? Blaj Law team also provides you with legal assistance and representation in court regarding intellectual property.

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Reorganization and insolvency

Advice in pre-insolvency proceedings.

If your business has not performed according to the initial plan and insolvency proceedings need to be opened, our team can help you with all the necessary steps from the pre-insolvency stage until the closure of the proceedings.

Assistance and representation in insolvency proceedings.

Whether it is your business that is about to enter insolvency or you are a creditor with a claim on the assets of a presumed insolvent company, we will represent you throughout these procedures and help you through all the necessary steps.

Advice on company reorganization.

Our team will provide you with expert advice on drawing up a recovery plan to cover your debts and will represent you in negotiations on payment commitments.

Recovery of debts by inclusion in the creditor’s list.

Our services also include assistance with debt recovery following the initiation of insolvency proceedings.

Representation in litigation concerning the liability of persons who caused the insolvency.

In the situation where you want to claim the personal liability of those you consider to be responsible for the insolvency of the company, we will help you draft the action in tort and we will look for the most conclusive evidence to support your claims.

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Transactions with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Our experts provide legal advice on virtual currency transactions, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Tax treatment of transactions.

Knowing the tax treatment of virtual currency transactions is an important issue that needs to be addressed thoroughly.

Declaration of income from cryptocurrency or NFT transactions.

The revenues from cryptocurrency or NFT transactions must be declared on time, as they are considered as self-employment income.

Protection of sensitive data.

Blaj Law team advises you on how to protect your sensitive data.

Drafting and implementing smart contracts.

Our lawyers can assist you in drafting and implementing smart contracts, this type of contract being automated between the contract creator and the recipient.

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IT. Media. Tech

Online business development.

The online environment creates huge potential for development in all areas of social life. In order to develop a successful business in the online environment, regardless of the business activity, economic activity cannot take place without compliance with the relevant legal provisions. We can advise you on all aspects of your online business.

Intellectual property, i.e., copyright protection for software.

We advise people who intend to develop a software program to be informed about their rights as authors, so we provide expert advice in this area. Copyright in software programs is recognised by law from the moment the program is created.

Limits to freedom of expression online.

Facilitated access to online platforms and high volume of users can lead to abuse of the right to free expression. Whether you choose to express your ideas online or you have been inconvenienced by others, we can help you with appropriate guidance so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the online space or protect yourself against possible abuse of the right.

Violation of privacy in online environments.

All individuals have the right to respect for their privacy. This right can be infringed by various forms of conduct, each of which has specific implications. We help you to create a picture of the options you have if your right to privacy has been violated.

Securing online payment methods.

Payments are a big part of the online sales process. Payments can be made by several means: credit or debit cards, bank transfers, prepaid cards.


The security and integrity of the IT environment is protected by rules laid down in the Criminal Code. Technological advances also lead to the development of the criminal activity, so our team is constantly researching in order to deal professionally with any problem our clients may have in the virtual environment, which may be subject to a computer crime.

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Failure to comply with professional obligations, including confidentiality or the duty to inform.

The content of a healthcare professional’s work also involves compliance with certain obligations laid down by law, designed to protect the quality of medical activity and patient safety.

Negligence in the performance of medical care.

Medical professionals must make every effort to fulfil the purpose and role of the medical profession, which is dedicated to the protection of human life, health and physical and mental integrity.

Obtaining compensation for aesthetic, physical, and psychological damage.

Any person has the possibility to take legal action against those responsible in the unfortunate situation where a medical act has caused aesthetic, physical or mental harm.

Representation in proceedings before the College of Physicians.

Blaj Law team includes lawyers specialized in the area of medical law, with the possibility to represent you in proceedings before the College of Physicians.

Representation in malpractice litigation.

Our main objective is to defend your rights if you are involved in a malpractice dispute.

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Consumer protection

Making consumer complaints against traders.

Regardless of the severity of the damage you have suffered, you should not ignore the option of making a claim against the trader responsible. Otherwise, if every consumer remains passive, the damaging activities of traders will not be sanctioned.

Repressing the effects of unfair terms.

The harm to consumers’ rights and interests may also result from the insertion of unfair terms in contracts with professionals. These are assessed by reference to the entire content of the contract, i.e. by reference to other terms of the contract or other contracts on which it depends, the factors which led to the conclusion of the contract, the nature of the goods or services covered by the contract.

Consumer rights in credit relationships.

Meeting people’s consumer, personal or family needs can be achieved by concluding a credit agreement with a bank or other credit institution. We can advise you on the specific opportunites of concluding such an agreement, analysing its content in detail.

Conformity and safety of products and services offered by traders.

The trader must ensure the conformity and safety of products and services, a benefit provided by law to consumers, otherwise he is liable for damages caused to customers. Making a faulty product or service available to the consumer creates inconvenience, but we can help you fix it.

Unfair trading practices.

Abusive or unfair commercial practices are a danger to consumers, and mastering this concept is useful for professionals to avoid criminal liability and to have an effective business plan without violating legal provisions and harming customers. Unfair commercial practices consist of misleading or aggressive practices.

Civil, administrative, and criminal liability of traders in consumer contracts.

In the area of consumer protection, professionals must comply with a number of mandatory legal provisions in their dealings with consumers. Knowing the effects of traders’ liability is relevant from the perspective of both professionals and consumers.

Representation in consumer rights litigation.

Some trader practices harm the life, health, safety and economic interests of consumers, but there are also situations where professionals have to take action against the consumer. Whatever your situation is, we can represent you professionally in disputes arising from commercial relationships.

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Transport law

Damage caused by delay in the arrival of consignments at the destination.

The carrier shall be liable for damage caused by delay in reaching the destination, except in cases of fortuitous event and force majeure.

Damage caused by improper packaging or loss of goods transported.

In case of loss of goods, the carrier must cover the actual value of the lost goods or lost parts of the goods carried.

Recovery of sums due to the carrier.

According to the regulations in vigor, the creditor has several procedures at his disposal to recover money resulting from the performance of a transport contract.

Liability for damaged or lost luggage and other property.

The carrier is liable for loss of or damage to the passenger’s luggage or other property.

Liability of the carrier for death or injury to the body or health of the passenger.

The carrier shall be liable for the death of or personal injury to the passenger.

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The procedures for authorization to operate.

Prior to the start of activity in the HORECA sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) it is vital to obtain and draw up certain documents, namely authorisations, permits and contracts. Together with you we will go through all the steps that will lead to the materialization of a successful business, based on a strategy to streamline these preliminary procedures.

Assistance in negotiating and drafting contracts with suppliers.

Supply contracts are essential in the conduct of business. The pre-contractual phase of negotiations includes reaching agreement on the essential elements of the future contract. We can assist you in pre-contract discussions where the future relationship between the parties is established so that your interests are protected.

Assistance in obtaining non-reimbursable funds to support business development.

Preparing documents to obtain non-reimbursable funds is a stage that requires time and attention. If you want to save time, but also want to make sure that the documentation is prepared without errors, we help you to go through all the steps of such an approach.

Representation in employment protection litigation.

Labour and social security law involves a variety of issues facing both employees and employers.

Challenging contraventions and suspension of work.

ANPC has the right to initiate targeted inspections, without any consumer referral, in order to identify and sanction certain irregularities.

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Advice on the preparation of the damaged file.

To open a claim file, you need to apply to the insurance company and submit the necessary documents within a short period of time. If you want to make sure that you have done your paperwork properly, you can contact our team for advice.

The challenge to the insurer’s assessment of the loss due.

Often the valuations made by the insurer are considerably lower than the value of the damage caused or they do not correspond to the negative moral effects caused.

Recovery of damages arising from the insurer’s failure to comply with its obligations.

The obligations undertaken by the insurer must be strictly observed by the insurer, otherwise policyholders may be deprived of the compensation to which they are entitled. Regardless of any inconvenience that may arise in your dealings with the insurer, you should not give up pursuing your claims.

Representation before the court in disputes concerning damages owed by the insurer.

Our team helps you to follow all the necessary steps to go to court in case an agreement cannot be reached with the insurance company or if the disagreements cannot be resolved amicably.

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Associations and foundations

Drafting, attesting, or amending the Statutes.

Our team has extensive expertise in drafting, certifying and amending the Articles of Association, the basic document in the establishment and operation of a non-profit entity.

Taking legal steps and representation before the competent bodies to reserve and obtain the availability of the name.

We help you set up a not-for-profit entity, simplifying start-up procedures and communication with the authorities.

Representation in court to acquire legal personality and registration of the association/foundation in the Special Register.

The acquisition of legal personality after the entity has been entered in the Special Register is the element without which it will not be possible to carry out legal transactions on behalf of the organization.

Obtaining extracts from the special register, legalizations of final decisions.

We save you from bureaucracy by taking the necessary steps on behalf of your organization to obtain extracts from the special register and certified copies of court decisions.

Legal advice and representation in case of dissolution of the association/foundation.

We provide you with consultancy and representation services in the necessary steps for the conclusion of the activity of a non-governmental organisation.

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Air passenger rights

Legal assistance in the event of canceled or delayed flights, missed connections, denied boarding, or damage to baggage.

If you have experienced a flight cancellation or long delay, denied boarding, or baggage damage, we will review your eligibility for compensation and advise you on what steps to take.

Preparing the file for compensation.

If you are eligible to receive compensation from the airline that operated your flight, the first step is to prepare a file containing all the necessary justification documents.

Airline representation.

Obtaining the rights entitled under the legislation in force could also be achieved successfully only by communicating with the air carrier after the complaint has been forwarded to it.

Assistance and representation before the courts.

Developing a strategy in court to defend the rights of air passengers is the key to obtaining compensation when the airline does not respond positively to the complaint.

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Consultancy packages

Discover our legal advice packages and choose the one that best suits your company’s needs. Alternatively, you can contact us for a tailor-made package for your specific needs.

Start your business

  • Consultancy on identifying the best form of legal organisation for the business;
  • Advice on the tax treatment of your operations;
  • Taking steps to set up the company;
  • Identifying options for financing your business.

Get your business better

  • Ongoing advice for the development of your business;
  • Identification of options for financing your business or a new project;
  • Changes to the structure or organisation of the company;
  • Advice on the tax treatment of your operations;
  • Advice on employment law issues;
  • Designing a legal plan for your business;
  • Ongoing advice on any issues that may arise during the course of the business.

Shield your business

  • Audit of the company, analysis of ongoing contracts, of internal regulations, collective bargaining agreements labor contracts, GDPR procedure;
  • Design and drafting of contracts, regulations and procedures and their implementation;
  • Designing a “legal plan” of your business.

Describe your case

Explain your legal situation or ask us a question. If necessary, attach documents you consider essential.

We will explain your options

We analyze and understand the specific circumstances of your case and then explain your options in simple terms.

We’ll start our collaboration

You can rest easy knowing that we will take care of everything you need, keeping constant contact with you.

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