Assistance with excise duties and tax warehouses

In Romania xcise duties are considered special consumption taxes due to the state budget for production and import, but also the sale of specific categories of products from the country and imports.

Excise duties apply to a limited number of goods and services, representing fixed rates or percentages, fixed by law, which are added to and included in the delivery, sale, or import price of products such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco, perfume, gold and/or platinum jewelry, coffee, natural fur garments, weapons, etc.

The tax warehouse is where excise goods are manufactured, processed, held, received, or dispatched under suspension of excise duty by the authorized warehouse keeper under the conditions laid down by law.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to pay excise duty or want advice on the tax regime of a tax warehouse, our team of Romanian lawyers can advise you on creating a strategy that makes sense for your company.

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